About Aikido

Aikido is a Japanese martial art that uses an opponent's strength and force against themselves. It utilises locks, throws and pins. It does not teach how to punch and kick, but teaches how to defend such attacks and much more. In a broader sense Aikido can be used as self defence, and in fact the British Police learn a variation of Aikido for their User Force training. However, Aikido can teach you much more physically and mentally.

Here at the University of Leeds we learn Shodokan Aikido. Shodokan is one of the main styles of Aikido to come from Japan. Other styles include Aikikai, Yoshinkan and Shin Shin Toitsu (or the Ki Society). The Shodokan system includes striking techniques (atemi waza), joint techniques including the wrists, elbows and shoulders (kansetsu waza), throwing techniques (nage waza) and pinning techniques (kime waza) - very similar to other styles of Aikido. The main difference with Shodokan Aikido is the introduction of bouts where aikido techniques can be refined in a free form environment as a training method. For the promotion of aikido, regular events are set up where Embu (fixed kata) and Randori (free form bouts) are played amongst many competitors. Shodokan is sometimes referred to as Sport Aikido.

If you have never tried aikido before, or you've had many years experience, why not come on down to one of our sessions. Beginners are always welcome, and due to an enthusiastic club you will soon pick everything up.

Training Times & Location
Friday's 7:30pm-9:30pm (all welcome)
Sunday's 10:30am-12:30pm (all welcome)
  Studio 2
The Edge Sports Centre
University of Leeds