Club Travels

Being part of an international aikido schene means we get to travel quite a lot. This includes trips locally to other universities, nationally to competitions and seminars and internationally to competitions and seminars.

The aikido family around the world is very welcoming.

Places have included:

  • Japan: World Champtionships, Training
  • Switzerland: European Champtionships
  • UK: World Champtionships (London), National Champtionships (London, Sheffield), Student Nationals Champtionships (Notthingham, Sheffield, York, Edinburgh...)
  • And many more...

Here are some recent trips we've been on:

Japan: World Aikido Championships. July 2013

Outside the Shodokan Honbu Dojo, Osaka, Japan 2013

Japan: Aikido Tour from Tokyo to Osaka, via Mt Fuji. July 2012

Seven members from our club travelled to Japan for an Aikido tour. It was fantastic!

Training in Shodokan Honbu Dojo, Osaka, Japan 2012

UK: Student Nationals

We travel to the Student Nationals competition each year around March, and often win a bunch of medels!

Student Nationals in Nottingham


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